About Stellar Services 

Established in New York City by a select group of system engineers in the construction project management industry, Stellar brings operational excellence through a high functioning IT infrastructure to several sectors including E&C, Energy, Utilities, Transportation, and Government.

Since its establishment in 1993, Stellar has supported over $100 billion in capital projects and over 1,000 government agency clients.

The service brings an arsenal of sophisticated technology to the field and works one on one with clients to ensure that solutions fit clients’ unique needs. With tailored solutions put into place, clients have greatly benefited from notable improvements which were a result from Stellar’s efficient systems and processes, while drastically reducing client costs.

Stellar believes in adapting to new business opportunities, but fires bullets before cannon balls – testing the market prior to making major investments. 


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Why are they a partner? 

By partnering together, Stellar expands Asite’s reach across the construction industry throughout North America and will help streamline processes and improve collaboration secure content creation and real-time collaboration

The new partnership will support Asite and its product offerings in the region, including the Asite Project Portfolio Management (PPM), the Asite Supply Chain Management (SCM), and the Asite Asset Performance Management (APM). Acting as a reseller, the partnership will help broaden the arsenal of technology available to Stellar’s clients by providing flexible licensing options and allowing clients to access the broad range of functionality available on the Asite Platform.

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