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About RDrive

RDrive is the next generation Field Digitalization Platform that facilitates capturing, monitoring and analysis of your project data. 

How RDrive integrates with Asite

Enable easy and secure information management and exchange, for faster collaboration.

The Asite and RDrive integration enables digital forms and project handover information including geometry dataset to be seamlessly synchronized in Asite, for an online and secure collaboration and improved reporting..

    • Any digital form with data model geometry and calibration is first created in RDrive.
    • After initial review, once the status of the digital form is updated in RDrive, the information is pulled by Asite’s RDrive connector to automatically create the digital form in the Asite CDE, along with all data model geometry information and any business-critical file attachments directly in the relevant CDE projects.
    • This enables online and secure collaboration between project teams throughout the project lifecycle.

Learn more about RDrive here: https://rdrive.io/


  • An active Asite CDE product subscription that allows the use of the integration feature on files and forms.
  • An active RDrive account


Asite Support

    • Contact the Asite Ecosystem team at ecosystem@asite.com for more detail on this integration and to use it on your Asite projects.