About Bentley Systems' ProjectWise

Bentley Systems' ProjectWise solution is an information management and design collaboration system to accelerate infrastructure project delivery.

Bentley Systems' ProjectWise


How Bentley Systems' ProjectWise integrates with Asite

Enable easy and secure content creation and real-time collaboration

Asite's integration with Microsoft's Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) enables easy and secure collaboration with Bentley Systems' ProjectWise. The Asite and ProjectWise integration transforms how businesses and teams work together, allowing seamless collaboration on shared content. The integration is easy to set-up and requires zero coding experience.


Bentley Systems' ProjectWise integration with Asite CDE

  • Automated information exchange - Work-in-progress files in ProjectWise can be automatically delivered to the Asite CDE when they are ready for approval and sharing with the wider team. Similarly, authorized and accepted files in Asite can be automatically delivered back to ProjectWise.
  • Update file metadata - The bidirectional flow of information updates the file metadata, including both system attributes - such as document title, revision number and file publisher - but also custom attributes, such as the ISO 19650 compliant naming conventions and suitability codes.
  • Respect the "Golden Thread" of Information - Maintain the name and organization of the publisher between Asite and ProjectWise.


  • An active Asite CDE product subscription that allows the use of the integration feature on files and forms.
  • An active Bentley Systems' ProjectWise account
  • An active Microsoft Power Automate (previously Flow) subscription.



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