About Penguen

As a founding member of buildingsmart Turkey, Penguen is trying to digitalize construction projects.

Since its establishment in 2010, Penguen has increased the competitiveness of Turkish employers and prime contractors by digitizing more than 40 construction and engineering projects in 11 countries.

Penguen works to increase client’s efficiency and profitability by using digital technologies in their superstructure, infrastructure, and energy projects. The company fosters competitiveness by digitizing all client processes from the tender stage to design, from construction to final acceptance, from warranty period to operation.

Penguen believes that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. For this reason, rather than collecting data from the field, the company ensures that data reaches the appropriate person at the right time.

Penguen knows construction and digitizes what it knows.


Why are they a partner?

Previously the channel partner for Aconex, Penguen are now moving into the Asite Partner Ecosystem, bringing the Asite platform to the construction industry across the region and helping to streamline processes and improve collaboration.

Penguen is an industry-leading team of engineering and architecture professionals, with experience in the construction industry as well as software and technology applications providing services to clients across several countries.

Working to increase client efficiency and profitability, Penguen has over ten years’ experience working with organizations across the construction industry to digitize construction sites and help introduce digital transformation.

The new partnership with Penguen will support Asite and its product offerings in the region, including both the Asite Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution and the Asite Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution.

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