About Exceptional BIM - BIM Academy Africa

Exceptional BIM is an online learning platform aligned with international digital construction standards and best practices to help users improve how they learn and lead in the digital built environment.

The platform provides a secure online learning management system, and all templates, videos, downloadable working models, and webinars are provided through the NavBIM portal. Courses are gamified, and leader badges are awarded to users based on behavior and goals reached through the courses.

Exceptional BIM also provides a conduit between industry and government concerning the use of BIM standards. The organization monitors the advancement of global digital construction standards to remain at the forefront of the industry’s development.

To date, Exceptional BIM has trained over 1,000 professionals in BIM and provided more than 750 students with learning programs.


Why are they a partner?

In this exciting time for the African construction sector, Asite has chosen to sponsor Exceptional BIM in its mission to realize its vision of providing digital construction education across Africa. The program aims to unlock the potential of BIM with a comprehensive learning and knowledge-based online training platform.

Through its sponsorship of Exceptional BIM, Asite will support the growth of BIM in the region and help train the future leaders of the industry. The online learning platform provides digital education to all tertiary levels and professional bodies on digital best practices.

Learn more about the Exceptional BIM here: Asite Helping to Unlock the Potential of BIM Across Africa