About eDocuments

Edocuments help our customers create and deliver intelligent data-driven Information Solutions for building and infrastructure projects. Edocuments provide software & services for the delivery of Operating & Maintenance Information.  Edocuments solutions address and de-risk the management and integration of handover information for our clients. 

How Edocuments integrates with Asite

  • Creating and managing Operation and Maintenance Information is traditionally complex and time-consuming. Many authors, many sources, many formats, and many communication channels.

    Edocuments Software and Services streamline the production and management of all your handover documentation.

    Lack of time is one of the biggest complaints of the construction industry, so increasing productivity through automation is of great value. 

    Connecting Asite directly to Edocuments O&M data-driven document platform saves a vast amount of document controller time, as most manual file transfers can now be automated. The automation is continuously running with rules configured to dynamically pull or push data by looking at the file properties such as status, classification, or workflow step. 

    Connecting Asite directly to Edocuments O&M platform will save production time, increase data reuse, and remove human error.

    Edocuments Software in a nutshell :

  • Easy to use cloud-based software
  • Pre-built templates, processes, and workflows.
  • ISO19650 certificated.
  • Single point of data entry
  • Import of data from spread sheets, COBie, 3D-models or directly from a CDE, Autodesk BIM360, Revit and more.
  • Quality assured via data validation rules, templates and processes.
  • Expert guidance and training.
  • Over 20 years creating data driven handover information.
  • Flexible outputs for CAFM, COBie, IFC
  • Secure, an ISO27001 certificated company and service.



    Learn more about Edocuments here: www.edocuments.co.uk