About Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence is a platform from which to stimulate, debate and drive much needed change in the Construction sector. Their thought leading members from the entire supply chain – clients, industry and users – share a vision for change through innovation and collaboration.

Constructing Excellence is funded and governed nationally by corporate membership, and invites anyone who wants to be part of the change process to become active members. 

Members of Constructing Excellence range from across the entire supply chain, including BIM Academy, Crossrail, Bre, WSP, University of Reading, Imperial College London, Environment Agency, Institute for Collaborative Working and Heathrow Airport.


Why are they a partner?

All members of Constructing Excellence share one vision; change through innovation and collaboration. They set the agenda and are the driving force behind the movement.

Through working groups and forums, Asite will help explore key issues that are impacting the industry and use their expertise to help drive change.

Asite and Constructing Excellence share a vision of connecting people and digitally enabling teams to work collaboratively. This shared vision will be at the heart of the work Asite does with Constructing Excellence.

Constructing Excellence have a number of key strategies they are working on for the coming year and beyond. Transforming performance, driving change in the sector, building KPI capability and sharing best practice are just some of the areas Asite is looking forward to developing with Constructing Excellence.

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