COINS (Construction Industry Solutions) has been a business software provider for the home building industry for over three decades, with software including project management, operations and supply chain, to name a few.



How COINS integrates with Asite

Asite uses its technology called Asite Hub which works as the connector to ensure and provide the seamless experience.

Asite's integration with COINS provides

  • A seamless exchange of information and integration of procurement and financial information.
  • Complete round-trip punchout of catalogue hosted in Asite platform for Order generation, exchange of individual Purchase Orders, Advance Shipping notes, Goods Receipt note, and electronic Invoices
  • Conversion of information into different file formats.
  • connect accounting and procurement within Asite or transform and exchange it with third-party systems, ensuring seamless exchange, reduce double-entry and full control over data pushed into your ERP system.


  • An active Asite SRM product subscription on your Asite account


Products: Asite Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) subscription

Support: support@asite.com