About Callida

Callida determine the pace and direction in the field of project management, preparation and controlling, and provide products and services for every phase of the life cycle of construction contracts.

Callida has been operating successfully on the Czech market for more than 25 years. Callida develop, supply and implement systems for effective project management, especially in construction.

Their products and services are used by hundreds of clients in the field, and are constantly innovating their products while looking for the best solutions around the world. Thanks to partnerships like Asite, they are able to provide the Czech market and other related European markets with a complete portfolio of software tools and services for all phases of the construction contract life cycle.


Why are they a partner?

Callida is set to advance the growth of the Asite platform in the European market.

Acting as a Value-Added Reseller for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other European markets, Callida will help a magnitude of organizations across the construction industry to streamline their complex projects in order to help them build better.

Through partnering with Asite, Callida will elevate the Asite platform and provide organization’s in the construction industry with comprehensive project management solutions they will use to enhance collaboration across the asset lifecycle.

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