About Box

Box™ is a service that keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share.

Box™makes it simple to collaborate across your teams, customers, partners, and vendors -  and access your files from any device, at any time.



How Box integrates with Asite

Enable easy and secure content creation and real-time collaboration to make processes faster

Asite and Box integration transforms how businesses and teams work together. The integration allows project teams to collaborate on shared content, making it easier for people to get work done. Asite and Box is easy to connect and requires zero coding experience; there are connectors that allow you to share files between both systems automatically.


Box integration with Asite CDE

  • Secure file sharing – Work in Asite while using Box for storage. Users can automatically share files from Box and access them in Asite in real-time without any coding.
  • Easy collaboration – Leverage Asite’s robust and flexible document collaboration tools and automated workflow features with Box’s file-sharing and content management features. Users can securely access all their Box files directly from the Files tab in the Asite CDE, work collaboratively on them, and then push updated files back to Box for storage.
  • Seamless integration – Documents added or changed in Box are updated automatically in the Asite CDE. Similarly, when a file is added or revised in Asite, these changes are pushed back to Box automatically, enabling two-way synchronization of file content. Searching is also integrated; whether in Asite or Box, you can easily find content and view it online.


  • An active Asite CDE product subscription that allows the use of the integration feature on files and forms.
  • An active Box account
  • An active Microsoft Power Automate (previously Flow) subscription.



Products: Asite CDE

Support: support@asite.com