About Bentley’s eB Insight

eB (entreprise Bridge) Insight – the foundation of Bentley’s AssetWise platform – controls information throughout the change lifecycle, ensuring the timely delivery of relevant and reliable data related to infrastructure operations.

Within an infrastructure organization, all information ties back, in some way, to the physical assets that are being developed, operated, and maintained. eB Insight integrates configuration and change management best practices to deliver powerful asset lifecycle information management (ALIM).


How Bentley’s eB Insight integrates with Asite

Asite is integrating with Bentley’s eB Insight system using REST APIs to securely transfer files to and from the Asite CDE to synchronize the data between systems in real-time.


Integration highlights

Asite’s integration with eB Insight allows organizations to exchange and synchronize files across the system, ensuring that the latest transmittal files are always available on both systems. It pushes the updated files between the systems based on specific events, like file approval, or attribute updates, including the purpose of issue or file status. 

Key highlights of integration include:

  • Processing emails received to a designated project mailbox in Asite
  • Getting files from eB Insight using APIs
  • Automatic creation of placeholders or the upload of file revisions to Asite CDE project folders
  • Publishing files to the eB Insight tool based on an event occurrence in Asite CDE
  • Exchange comment sheet and save as external attachments into eB Insight and vice-versa


  • An active Asite account
  • An active eB Insight subscription


Products: Asite CDE

Support: support@asite.com