About 3D Repo

3D Repo is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for Building Information Modelling (BIM) coordination in the cloud.

The 3D Repo platform allows users to manage 3D model revisions and highlight potential issues using live collaboration tools, which enable the entire project team to work from a single source of truth anywhere, anytime.

Asite Visual Workflow configured for 3D Repo integration


How 3D Repo integrates with Asite

Asite’s integration with 3D Repo streamlines BIM file management, improving collaboration across large and complex projects. 


Integration highlights

The Integration streamlines the standard process of uploading 3D models and other BIM related deliverables to Asite’s Common Data Environment (CDE), with the files instantly and synchronously reflected in the 3D Repo platform. 

  • Uploaded files will automatically sync to 3D Repo back to Asite, delivering a true bi-directional functionality for the end-users.
  • Synchronizing 3D Repo and Asite’s CDE will save valuable time on more construction and infrastructure projects where hundreds or thousands of model federations and other deliverables are uploaded.
  • The integration between Asite and 3D Repo is part of Asite’s commitment to continually deliver at the highest level, producing a platform which enables our clients to deliver capital projects and infrastructure developments around the world.


  • An active Asite CDE product subscription on your Asite account
  • An active 3D Repo subscription


Products: Available with Asite CDE product subscription

Support: support@asite.com