About 360 Sync

360 Sync is a document management system designed by and for the AEC industry. It allows you to synchronize your project files between local serves and across point solutions.


How 360 Sync integrates with Asite

Simply and easily synchronize files between Asite and local servers and multiple other platforms

Asite and 360 Sync integration will improve how information flows between solutions. The integration allows project teams to organize project files, and push and pull information between Asite and other point solutions or their own servers. Project teams choose where they want the information to come from and where they want it to go by setting up folders in their Asite workspace.

Developed by 360 Sync using the Asite API framework, the integration is easy to use, allowing you to share projects, folders, and files between both systems in a few simple clicks.


Integration highlights

  • Unlimited File Sharing– Set up as many configurations as needed—one to a million—to push and pull data between locations. Seamlessly share and ensure all project information is in the right location to meet your project needs.
  • Sync Files Across Platforms– A widely used tool, 360 Sync provides integrations with Asite and multiple other point solutions, including Box, SharePoint, Windows, and Dropbox. You can seamlessly push and pull project information across solutions with the relevant subscription.
  • Automatic Upload and Download– Once the sync configuration is created, sync your information straight away or schedule your sync to run automatically at a time that suits you—every week, day, or even every hour. Ensure your project information is always up-to-date.


  • An active Asite CDE product subscription that allows the use of the integration feature on files
  • An active 360 Sync account


Products: Asite CDE

Support: support@asite.com